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Laurentius Hospital Roermond selects TMS
Catharina Hospital selects TMS
MC Alkmaar selects TMS
Nij Smellinghe selects TMS
iTransport selects Mirth Support NL as communication partner
AZ ALMA (B) selects Mirth Support NL as communication partner
Les Cliniques de l'Europe (B) selects Mirth Support NL as communication partner
General Hospital Jan Portaels Vilvoorden (B) selects Mirth Support NL
Bethesda Hospital selects X Connections as communication partner
Gemini Ziekenhuis selects X Connections


Mortara selects X Connections
Universitätsklinikum des Saarlandes selects X Connections
Al Hayat Dubai selects X Connections
GGZ NHN select Mirth Support NL as communication partner
Uniklinik RWTH Aachen selects X Connections
MTM multitechmed GmbH new partner of X Connections
Klinik Königsfeld der DRV Westfalen selects X Connections
PRA Health Sciences Groningen selected X Connections
Medikro Oy Finland selected X Connections


Hospital Público de Vigo Spain and ergoline select X Connections

X Connections has released connectivity solution for Medikro Spirometry software
and Best Practice for Australian market

Noxturnal integration released by X Connections

Universitätsklinikum Essen selects X Connections

Elisabeth-Tweesteden Ziekenhuis Tilburg selects X Connections

Ikazia Ziekenhuis Rotterdam selects X Connections Nox Medical Integration Solution 

Elkerliek Ziekenhuis Helmondt selects X Connections Nox Medical Integration Solution 

X Connections implements communication interface between
BMA MososCS and BiLBEST in Turkey

Slingerand Ziekenhuis Doetichem selects X Connections Nox Medical Integration Solution