X-Connections makes it easy!

It’s a very common mistake to overestimate how simple it is to exchange data with an HL-7 based environment. In order to complete this task successfully one must first have a firm grasp of HL7 standards as well as the limitations and problems that can arise.

You may find yourself in the unfortunate situation where your devices and/or applications do not support HL7 yet. Not to worry. Here at X-Connections we’re here to help get your devices and applications connected and running smoothly. When you work with us here at X-Connections we’ll make it so that you can connect your medical devices and applications with HL-7 based systems such as Hospital Information Systems with a quick albeit powerful web service. You will not have to have any knowledge about the inner workings of HL-7. There’s no specialist that is required in this process either, which makes the whole process easier on you.

Would you like to know your part in this process? All you have to do is connect your application and/or device using a well-defined RESTful API interface. That’s it. You just have to communicate using XML and we here at X-Connections do the rest for you! We’ll even give you examples on how to connect successfully, and if you need a little extra help we’ll even assist in the initial connection process in real time.